What is Stockmarket..?

 Stock market (English: Stock market / Equity market, stock market / equity market / stock market) is the public system for trading shares and contracts of companies. This includes securities scheduled on stock exchanges, as well as securities traded privately.

The stock market is attended by individual investors who trade on an individual level, as well as institutional investors such as mutual funds, banks, insurance companies, hedge funds. Companies or conglomerates scheduled for public deals also participate in their stock deals that take place in the stock market. October Assets worth ३ 36,600 are valued at US Market 36,600 in stock markets around the world in 2008 

Going into the stock market without enough information is like hitting the ax on your own feet. The stock market is also called gambling by some but it is actually a game of wits. Anyone can get into this game and make money. With the help of the stock market, even the common man can get a stake in big companies. BSE and NSE are the leading stock exchanges in India

But share market is a place where many people make money and many people lose their money. There is a lot of risk in the stock market, so only those who are willing to take the risk should invest in the stock market. There are many mobile apps and websites for investing in the stock market today. The major applications in the Indian market are zerodha, upstocks, Groww, angel broking, 5 paisa etc.


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