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Nifty Future tips & analysis for Next 10-year Cycle

nifty future stock tips chart

Ascending Wedge’s 6-years flat top has broken. As per the Fibonacci Projection, we will see following targets in future.

Target 1: 7700
Target 2: 8500
Target 3: 9200
Target 4: 10000
Target 5: 11000
Target 6: 12000

We recommend buying the Nifty Future stock above Rs.6500 price for next 10-years. Buy today for better tomorrow!


  1. Pradeep Kumar Pradeep Kumar March 12, 2014

    sir you provide accurate calls so we can easily follow your report.

    • Kiran Patel Kiran Patel March 24, 2014

      Really? can we trust it?

      • Pradeep Kumar Pradeep Kumar March 24, 2014

        yes definitely, I have subscribed freestocktip’s service and believe me you can trust them.

      • Abhishek Mukherjee Abhishek Mukherjee March 25, 2014

        yes,i’m Reading reports from last 5-6 month and they provide good calls.

  2. Harsh Yadav Harsh Yadav March 22, 2014

    excellent report.

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