How to remove tar from bike/ Bicycle tires

While you’re riding and enjoying the ride and all of a sudden your bike or bicycle tyres start to feel weird. It’s not handling very well and you can feel every bump in the road. In this case, you have very few choices to remove such sticky mug or Tar from your tyres.

If you don’t have tire levers, don’t try using other available tools like a flathead screwdriver as it may end up damaging the tube, tire, or worse, the rim. Tire levers are designed specifically for removing and installing tires without damaging anything in the process, so stick with those to be safe.

If you are reading this article, there is a high likelihood that you have encountered this frustrating debacle and are seeking assistance on how to remove tar without dame to the tyre. Let’s break down how to get tar off your car with the help of a few simple methods.

What to do if don’t have tire levers to remove tar?

Well in this case you can just use your hands easily to get them off. or you can use a stick which is of tire leavers shape or something like that.

How to remove tar from bike/ Bicycle tires?

If you don’t want to use your hand then, Depending on where you live, you might have some public bike repair stations in your city which have some basic tools attached to them. In my city, they have tire levers, screwdrivers, wrenches, etc.

You can find a hard object with a flat, rounded end such as your pump, or your quick-release levers. In such cases should not use using sharp objects like knives or screwdrivers as they may permanently damage both your rim and the inner tube.

After removing some tar you can apply tar-removing materials like kerosene or a cleaning solvent such as Prep-Sol, which is designed to remove tar, dirt and road film. Water-dispersing products like WD-40 or RP-7 can also be used, as they have the potential to dissolve the tar.

Using a Brush!

If you are searching solution that can be applied without going outside the home then, You can use a brush easily with some solvent detergent water. After adding some water you can use a brush to scrub that tar which will easily remove it.

Using a lighter

Lighter fluid (for a zippo-type lighter) is the traditional home remedy to remove tar. Gasoline or kerosene if you are the impatient type. Automotive bug and tar cleaner will work as well. Put a little on a tar arear and try to scrub that out.

For a thick coating of tar carefully chip off as much as possible with a metal paint scraper. Wedge the blade behind the edge of the tar and pull the handle out sharply to break off a section. Be careful not to rub the scraper against the plastic, and remove as much as you can section by section.

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