How To Make Phoenix Browser Your Default Browser

The Phoenix browser from Timon Software is a fast, free, fully-featured web browser with the best in privacy and security. 

Phoenix Browser is a free Android web browser that features video downloading, fast, and secure browsing, as well as data storage. Phoenix Browser is the best free web browser for Android devices with quick video downloads, WhatsApp status saving plugin, incognito browsing, data saving, and many more.

Steps To Make Phoenix Browser Your Default Browser

Follow simple steps given below to make phoneix browser as your rimary default browser.

1. Open the Settings app on your Android device.

2. Tap on the App Management option.

3. Tap on Default Apps.

4. Tap on Browser app. If no browser is set as default then you will see None written under this option.

5. Tap on Phoenix browser to set this as the


We shared steps to make Phonix browser as your default browser hope it helps you.


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