How do I check how many devices are connected to my Jio Home Gateway?

Jio Home Gateway is an advanced modem that allows a user to send and receive data using a JioFiber connection. This device comes with USB connectivity by which a user can simply connect his pen drive or hard drive to the Jio Home Gateway and access his files anytime, anywhere using the JioHome app.

Follow the steps below to view all Connected Devices to your JioFiber Home Gateway

  1. First up log in to MyJio App then select JioFiber Account.
  2. Click on Menu on the top left corner then tap on the “settings” option.
  3. Tap on “Device Settings” Now be patient and wait for a few seconds, then it will show JioFiber Router details.
  4. Now you can see a list of all Connected Devices from here.
  5. Note: Whenever a new device connects to your Jio Home Gateway you will receive an SMS on your Registered Mobile Number informing the same.


How many devices can I connect to my Jio Home Gateway?

You can connect multiple devices to the Jio Home Gateway. If the number of connected device increase then you may face problems or slow speed with Jio home Gateway, So keep the number of connected devices as low as possible.

Jio fibre not showing connected devices?

Try to log out of the MyJio app or restart your smartphone your problem will be solved.

What is the Jio Home Gateway Wi-Fi coverage?

Jio Home Gateway WiFi coverage is approx 1000 Sq. Ft when used in an open area. And if it is a closed area then you can expect it to be around 500 sq. Ft.

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