Facebook gets a new name: Why, when, what CEO Zuckerberg said and more


 is no longer Facebook. It is getting a new name — 


. The Facebook CEO 

Mark Zuckerberg

 announced the same at the company’s Connect event held. The company is rebranding itself as Meta. The rebrand comes as the world’s largest social media company battles criticisms from lawmakers and regulators over its market power, algorithmic decisions and the policing of abuses on its platforms. 

Why the new name for Facebook?

“Facebook just doesn’t encompass everything the company does any more. In addition to its primary social network, that now includes Instagram, Messenger, its Quest VR headset, its Horizon VR platform and more,” said CEO Zuckerberg. “Today we are seen as a social media company,” Zuckerberg said. “But in our DNA we are a company that builds technology to connect people.” He said that the way smartphones have replaced desktop computers, metaverse will be the next way people interact with computers and each other.


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