Edward Scissorhands Film Explained | Edward Scissor Hand Summarized

Edward Scissorhands (1990) fantasy movie is explained. The American Emotional Fantasy Drama film “Edward Scissorhands: Artificial Humanoid” story summarized with a full ending.

The plot of the film revolves around a living humanoid robot. One day a saleswoman sees and enters a large bungalow where she learns of “Edward”‘s poor condition. She gives him clothes to wear but is surprised to see the scissors in both of his hands. She invites him to her home, where he is warmly welcomed by the entire family. “Edward” cuts trees into beautiful shapes with his long, sharp scissor hands and he also trims dog hair. Even the female neighbors allowed her to cut her hair. The only reason he cares about a woman named ‘Kim’ is that he starts liking her as Edward rises to fame. Unfortunately, Kim’s friend captures “Edward,” who was apprehended by the police for illegal activity. Similarly, “Edward” saves Kim’s brother from a mishap, but mistakenly injures this young lad with his moving scissors. Therefore, people believe that “Edward” deliberately attacked him. Now Sad “Edward” wants to return to the same bungalow because he was created by a scientist in the same machine house, but the scientist died while fixing his hands. 

 The film begins and an old woman is shown telling a story to her granddaughter. She tells many years ago that a woman lives in a city. She works as a product seller and sells things door-to-door. One day when the seller was returning, she saw a big bungalow in the mirror of her car. Seeing this the seller thinks of going there and upon reaching there she gets surprised. Actually, she is surprised to see the view outside the bungalow as the garden was lovely. Because the trees were cut beautifully. Later, the seller goes inside the bungalow.

She could not find anyone inside and the whole place was deserted. There were only huge machines which means the experiments were done here many years ago. The machines were ancient. She was seeing around and then hears someone’s voice from upstairs. She moves upstairs while chasing the voice and sees someone sitting in a shadow.

The lady calls him and asks him to come in front that human moves in front of her by walking but the lady gets scared to see his hands. As he has was holding many weapons in his hands and the lady thinks of leaving but then he calls her. He says please don’t go and stop here, the lady turns and understands those were not any weapons but his hands.

They seem like weapons. He held scissors in his hands because he was a robot, not a human lady asks his name and he says my name is ”Edward”. He tells him I am not a human but a robot like humans but I am not complete and the lady tooks pity on him while hearing this.

She feels bad for him and he was also not looking happy. He was frightened and the lady notices many scares because of the scissors of his hands. The lady feels bad for ”Edward” and she doesn’t want to leave him alone so she shows sympathy and takes him with her. ”Edward” was watching the things around while sitting in the car with her and he was excited and happy.

He has come out for the first time from that bungalow into this world. The lady brings him to her home and gives him clothes to wear. ‘Edward” couldn’t wear the clothes because of the Scissorhands and facing problem. The lady helps him and then introduces him to her family at lunchtime. The lady was treating him like a human even though he is a robot. She gives him human food to eat and it’s obvious he was feeling problem to eat that food. The next day, the lady’s husband was cutting the trees ”Edward” arrives and gives the tree a dinosaur shape with his scissorhands. The lady’s husband gets surprised to see this later, ”Edward” makes the structure of the family with his art. He cuts the shape of the family into trees.

The family becomes happy to see this and there was a new guest in that lady’s house when the people around discover this they come to meet him. They say to the seller we discover there is a new guest in your house and he is talented so we want to meet him at dinner. The lady gets busy to make food for night and ”Edward” also helps her. He was cutting the vegetables with the help of the scissors easily.

Then the lady was trying to open the seal of the box with a machine seeing it, ”Edward” sees a flashback. In which the bungalow is shown where ”Edward” lived where the lady went and saw huge machines there. An old scientist is shown who was testing some machines at that time. Those were the machines that made food automatically.

Then he goes to a robot and places a heart shape cookie on his heart here we discover the incomplete robot is none other than ”Edward”. The scientist has made him advance with the passage of time with a lot of hard work and then ”Edward” was ready after a lot of hard work. The scientist also puts the human feelings in ”Edward” because he wants to make ”Edward” a complete human. That is why he is called a robot-like human. Something was left that ”Edward’s” hands were still like scissors. That is because his task was before to cut trees, salad, and vegetables.

The scientist was about to place human-like hands ”Edward” soon then the scene shifts to the present where everyone has come to meet a special guest ”Edward”. Everyone becomes surprised to see ”Edward’s” hands even then they want to know him because they were interested in him so they were behaving nicely. ”Edward” was sleeping in his room at night then the lady’s daughter arrives named ”Kim”.

She returned after so many days because she went with her friends for enjoying now she doesn’t know ”Edward” and ”Edward” also doesn’t know anything about her. He was watching her while lying on the bed being frightened then ”Kim” sees him while removing his makeup. She gets scared to see him and comes out of the room scared but her parents relaxed her. Her mother reassures her that she should not be afraid because he is “Edward” and will live with us. Then her mother makes her meet ”Edward”. The next day, ”Edward” is shown giving nice shapes to the trees in the surroundings by cutting them. ”Edward” has done this because everyone liked him. They behaved nicely and when he was cutting the tree of his neighbor a dog comes to him it has long hair and ”Edward” gives it a nice hairstyle while cutting them.

The dog’s owner beomes happy to see his dog then the other neighbors are shown bringing their dogs to ”Edward” for cutting. They want a nice haircut for their dogs. Edward” was an expert in it and does it speedily and neatly. He gives a lion’s look to a lady’s dog and the lady becomes happy to see her dog. She was so happy that she asks ”Edward” will you cut my hair? ”Edward” does the same and starts cutting her hair and he cuts her hair nicely.

After it, all the females make ”Edward” do their haircut even the seller also makes her hair cut who brought ”Edward” here. ”Edward” was talented so he gets famous because of his task even he was also called to a TV show.

Everyone asks ”Edward” to open a salon because he does everything worth appreciating. It is obvious he will need money for opening a salon so the seller takes ”Edward’ to a bank so he will take a loan for a salon. He is denied a loan by the bank because he doesn’t have a source of income. He doesn’t even have a bank account or doesn’t have any ID.

This doesn’t matter to ”Edward” as there is no value of money in his life. He just likes a thing and cares about it that is none other than the seller’s daughter ”Kim”. Yes, he likes ”Kim”. ”Kim” also likes him but her friend was jealous of this so he makes a plan. He says to ”Kim” we will go to meet our parents at night and we will steal my father’s van. Then we will go to a separate place there we can spend a lot of time together. My father will get insurance money and for this, we will need ”Edward’s” help because only he can open the lock with his scissorhands. ”Edward” gets ready to go with them as ”Kim” asked him to go then they go inside the house opening the lock but the alarm starts ringing. The shutters of the room in which there was ”Edward” starts shutting automatically. ”Kim” and her companions run from there but ”Kim” doesn’t want to leave and wants to take ”Edward” out. Her friend doesn’t let her do this and takes her with him forcefully and says we have to leave soon.

The police will come here and he has done this because he was jealous of ”Edward” and the reason behind is that ”Kim” likes ”Edward”. Meanwhile, the police reach there and hold ”Edward” but he doesn’t tell them that there were ”Kim” and her friends with him.

Then ”Edward” was presented in front of the judge but he leaves him because ”Edward” was alone for many years and doesn’t know the difference between right or wrong. After it, ”Edward” returns to home and ”Kim” thanks him for saving their life while not telling their name. ”Kim” says there is my mistake I should have told you the truth that actually, we are going for a robbery.

The house where we went that is of my friend and ”Edward” says yes, I know it already. ”Kim” asks really? did you know it? and says why don’t you say anything even knowing this? ”Edward” says because you asked me to do this. Likewise, the respect and love for ”Edward” in ”Kim’s” heart increases.

Then it was the Christmas day and ”Edward” makes a huge and lovely statue of ice for ”Kim”. ”Edward” was sharpening the ice and it starts flying in the air that was looking lovely. “Kim” enjoys the flying ice as well, so she begins to enjoy it while standing beneath it. ”Edward” doesn’t know that ”Kim” has arrived here because he was busy doing his job completely. Meanwhile, ”Kim’s” friend arrives and says ”Hi” in a loud voice. Hearing ths voice ”Edward” loses his attention and cuts ”Kim’s” hand mistakenly. ”Kim’s” mother arrives and she tells her mother ”Edward” has done this mistakenly.

Then she takes him inside and bandages her. ”Kim’s” friend is shown outside he misbehaves with ”Edward” and pushes him while saying ill to him. He says you are mad and move out from here. ‘Edward” was leaving from there being sad and angry. Even he also cuts the clothes with his hands that he was wearing now he was in the condition he was before and starts cutting the trees he gave the nice shapes.

The neighbors who were ”Edward’s” fiend were scared of him after the robbery and a lady calls the police while seeing this. ”Kim” is shown worried because of her friend’s jealousy. She shouts at her friend being furious and breaks her relation with him. ”Edward” was sitting at the corner of the road being worried. Sudenly, a dog arrives and it has long hair so ”Edward” becomes calm after seeing it so he returns home leaving everything where ”Kim” was alone.

They were out of the house in search of ”Edward’ and ”Kim” becomes happy to see ”Edward” in the house. She asks him to hug her but ”Edward’ says no I can’t do this because my hands are of scissors and I can’t harm you. Hearing this, ”Kim” goes to him and hugs him now ”Edward” remembers the time when the scientist brought human hands to make him complete human. He had a heart attack before the scientist could repair his hands due to it, he died there that’s the reason ”Edward” still has scissorhands. ”Kim’s” friend is shown furious he was drunk and with his friends. He comes to ”Kim’s” home in a car with his friends. Here, ”Edward” discovers how dangerously ”Kim’s” friend is driving? Then he thinks ”Kim’s” younger brother is outside the house so he comes out before ”Kim’s” brother gets into an accident because of the car ”Edward” saves him They fall aside in order to save him and ”Edward’s” scissors hits ”Kim’s” brother’s face. His face becomes injured due to it, ”Kim’s” brother was screaming. Hearing his voice, ”Kim’s” parents and the people in the surroundings arrive ”Edward” was trying to relax ”Kim’s” brother but everyone was considering that ”Edward” is attacking the kid. ”Kim’s” father was also hit by ”Edward’s” scissors mistakenly.

Then ”Kim’s” friend attacks ”Edward” now to save himself ”Edward” makes ”Kim’s” friend injured. Meanwhile, the police arrives that’s why ”Edward” runs from there. Actually, he wants to go back to the bungalow where he live and came into this world. That wasn’t an ordinary bungalow but it was a world of machines of robots. ”Kim” knows that ”Edward” has gone there so she goes to him and finds ”Edward” there who was sitting depressed. ”Kim” also sits with him. ”Kim’s” friend also arrives behind her and he has a gun with which he shoots at ”Edward”. He also hits ”Edward” and ”Kim” attacks her friend to save ”Edward”. He slaps ”Kim” and pushes her on it, ”Edward” becomes furious so he stabs his scissors into him. He falls him down the window due to it, he dies. ”Kim” says ”Edward” I also love you and then she comes out of the house while saying goodbye to him. Here, ”Kim” has the same hand as ”Edward” and many companions of ”Kim” has arrived at the bungalow. ”Kim” shows them ”Edward’s” hand that wasn’t of ”Edward”. ”Kim” says my friend and ”Edward” have ended each other. After it, they all go back then the story comes to the present where the old lady was telling the story to her granddaughter. Here, the old lady reveals that I am none other than ”Kim”. She claims that she believes “Edward” will be alive today as I told you he isn’t a human but ”AI” means ”Artificial intelligence”. His age will increase with the passage of time and will not decrease. Then her granddaughter inquires, “Did you also love him?” as he adored you Why you didn’t go to meet ”Edward”? ”Kim” says because I have grown elder. I want “Edward” to remember or miss me always as he saw me the last time. Her granddaughter wonders how she can say this with such certainty that he will survive. ”Kim” says because there was snowfalling when ”Edward” came into this world for the first time. today there is snowfalling there would be no snow if “Edward” was not present. While cutting the ice in the bungalow, “Edward” is shown making statues that look like angels. He was sharpening the ice the left ice was falling into the city as it fell many years ago at Christmas day. There was also a statue of “Kim” among the statues. 

This scene concludes this sentimental film. Thank You


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