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Don’t Sell These 5 Stocks + Bonus Intraday Tips

Keep connected with us. In our next update, ICICI bank next move will reveal.

Bharti Airtel Trend Analysis

Bharti Airtel has gained 28.65 rupees in the previous week trading sessions. Its hurdle level is 336. Do not sell above to this hurdle level. It can jump up to 350 – 370 – 380.

bharati airtel stock tips

Remember, the breakout of the hurdle level can drop the Bharti Airtel price. Intraday traders must sell below to hurdle line for the following targets: 305 – 290. Best selling time starts from 320 level.

Note: level 285 is strong support.

SBI Stocks Prices May Hike

sbi stock tips

We may see continue buying pressure on SBI stock in the upcoming week. It prices may jump up to 304 – 308 – 312.

Note: Beware to 290 level. More information related State bank of India will update for the paid members.

Reliance Stock Prices Can Hit 1400?

Reliance stock prices can hike from between this range: 1280 – 1300
It can hit the following levels: 1350 – 1400+
Don’t buy below 1280 level.

ONGC – Run for the Hills!

In the last trading session, oil and natural gas corporation stock were under top-five gainers list.
If ONGC stock price close above 156 one more times then buy it.
Targets: 160 – 164 – 168

Stop loss will send by SMS to paid members only.

What’s Next for Kotak Mahindra Bank?

kotak mahindra bank stock tips

Kotak Mahindra bank price can keep continuing moving upside. Short-term investors can buy it for the 1350 – 1375 – 1400 levels.

But don’t do anything at or below the 1300 level. Why? We will say it to the paid members.

Bonus Intraday calls: Hindustan Unilever prices can keep falling up to 1676 – 1656. Watch 1690 level.

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