Can I promote my channel in comment section of other channel video?

Yes, as a social media geek I always look around at what people are doing on social media. Many times I have seen many people doing this already.

But you have to remember one thing comments in another channel’s video can be removed by the owner of that channel so you will have to be loyal.

Many people do use sarcastic jokes, and funny comments, Put very attractive names on their accounts, and some use creative names to attract people.

If you are going to do so then only promote your channel in videos related to your channel niche and try to be useful to an audience which will solve your half problems.

Many people just try to put their link to famous Youtube channels, which is not good practice and people will come and go. If your content is legit Youtube will automatically promote it for you, so my suggestion is to work on your content quality rather than promoting it to others’ comment boxes.

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Can I pay YouTube to promote my channel?

Yes, but in an indirect way. You can pay other Youtubers by contacting them through their Email and then pay to promote your content, brand or videos. This method is used by many popular YouTubers already become famous in past. Or You can place paid ads on Youtube through

How can I promote my YouTube channel fast?

Follow some simple ways that many successful Youtubers have followed such as:

  1. Collaborate with other YouTubers.
  2. Try to be engaging with an audience.
  3. You can arrange true giveaways.
  4. make content related to Current affairs.
  5. Improve your video quality, and edit in an engaging way.

How much money do 1k YouTube views make in 2022?

It highly depends on the niche of the video that you are making, a marketing and Insurance informing video will have good earning potential than any other video. Thus, on average, a YouTube channel can earn 1-20$ per 1,000 ad views. It highly depends on the country of your audience, so if it is a developed country like the USA then you will get multiple incomes per thousand views.
Hope you got useful information from this post if yes do comment on your experience on this.


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